The Golden Age of Television – Another Halloween Costume Idea Source!

Television syndication and re-runs are a deep source for Halloween costume ideas.

‘The Lone Ranger’ was the first TV series that I recall seeing; and he and his faithful companion, Tonto, provided me with many evenings of entertainments. Hmmm! There are a couple of costume ideas, aren’t there?

And who could forget ‘Mr. Television, Milton   BONANZAJP Berle with his weekly array of outrageous costumes? Or bus driver Ralph Kramden and his lovely wife, Alice? There was Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife of the ‘Andy Griffin’ show. Westerns like ‘Gunsmoke’, ‘Have Gun, Will Travel’ and ‘Bonanza’ were staples for many years. A pair of six shooters, a pair of western boots and a ten gallon hat were the key ingredients. Well, other than Hoss (a character from ‘Bonanza’, not so much a ten gallon hat; but rather a regular cowboy hat.

Part of the daytime fare was ‘Howdy Doody’, with Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle the Clown, Princess SummerFallWinterSpring, Mr. Bluster. Albeit some of the characters were marionettes, there are many possibilities for your Halloween costume in this one show.

Periodically, there might be a live snippet from a Broadway show, many of which were costumed.

Movies were introduced to the live television menu as well. The ‘Wizard of Oz’ with its wide range of colorfully costumed characters as well as the scary ones as well, was and is an annual event.

For ideas for your Golden Age of Television Halloween costumes, you might simply scan your cable TV schedules for ideas. Check your favorite search engine (mine is Google) and even make a trip to the library. They should have a few books, including photos, of the early days of television.

You may not remember what costumes are associated with all the characters mentioned earlier and that’s why research is your most important ally.


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