Secret Whiteboard Magnetic Flip Chart Paper on a Roll

Whiteboard and flip chart technology hasn’t moved on quite far in the last decade : until now.

Brand new to the UK marketplace is a twenty metre roll associated with plain white, solid vinyl film, encapsulating microscopic electro statically charged voids involving each layer, meaning it will stay to nearly every toned surface without cement adhesive, tape, or glue of any sort.

Because “롤강의” “롤 강의” is very gentle weight, it really is best for people on the road who most periods do not possess access to be able to a flip graph or whiteboard. An individual can simply take a sheet involving this new great vinyl and slap it up on any convenient wall, do your presentation, after which peel it away and roll it back up, leaving no damage or mess on the particular wall.

For this reason this is also excellent for temporary observe boards. Smoothed out on to any kind of flat wall, this statically charged vinyl fabric allows paper web templates to cling in order to it as in case by magic minus the use of limits, tape, glue or magnets.

Each 20 metre roll includes 25 (plain white) sheets measuring 600mm wide and is perforated at 800mm intervals for easy removing from the spin, so it can even be useful for a projector display screen for the PowerPoint delivering presentations. Placing individual bedding side-by-side you could make a monitor as big while the wall offered to you.

Nevertheless possibly the best edge of this impressive product is that it must be very cost successful. Unlike conventional change charts, the bedding of vinyl can be used between 10 and twenty times compared to be able to the one-time use of an ordinary flip chart. So you not merely save money, but furthermore do your bit to save the rain forests.

By simply using dry wipe marker pens, every single sheet can end up being wiped clean together with a damp towel ready for reuse, just like the conventional whiteboard although with more flexibility. This is precisely what makes it picking out trainers, coaches, instructors and lecturers in hospitals, schools, universities and training institutions across the BRITISH.

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