How Many Days Should You Wait to Call Her?

How long should I wait before call her? This is probably one of the most debated questions when it comes to dating. Some people tend to think that calling sooner rather than later is better and there are some who think that waiting is the better option. Which are you doing?

Most guys call within the first 2 days of getting a girls number. Yes, she will remember you and yes, you will show that you are interested, but is calling within the first two days too soon? Here’s some food for thought:

Most guys call call girls in karachi within the first two days.

Most guys know nothing about women.

Most guys are not successful with women.

Most guys never get on a second date with most women.

Should I keep going?

I think you get the point. If you want the same results that most guys get with women, then do exactly what they do. Don’t do anything different because following the pack always gets the best results right?

Think about a very attractive girl. Everyday she is probably approached at least 5 times by guys trying to ask her out. Because she is so attractive, these guys rush right in and call her right away. It’s the same story over and over again.

Now you come along and happen to get her number. While all the losers are calling her right away, you decide to wait. You wait 4 days to call her. While waiting for your call(assuming that she likes you) she is wondering if you will call her since most guys have called already by the 2ND day. Now she begins to wonder if you like her, or if you have other girls that your dating (both of which are positive by the way). You finally call her on the 4Th day. She says “I’m glad you called, I thought you were never gonna call me!” What does this statement tell you? That while you were waiting to call her, she was thinking about you ( a good sign). You proceed to ask her out on a date.

Now I know that some of you are thinking that 4 days is too long and that she will forget about you after 4 days. That is true…..for a girl who never liked you in the first place. Yes, girls give their numbers out all the time to guys that they are not interested in. So if she forgets who you are, then she never liked you to begin with.

Think about the girls that you were really into. Did you forget about them after 4 days? No. And the same goes for the ladies. If they like you, they will not forget you. Waiting 4 days to call will allow you to “test” the amount of interest that she has in you while at the same time separating yourself from the pack of thirsty guys trying to get her attention. Guys remember:

Get the phone number.

Wait at least 4 days until you call her.

Talk for a bit, secure the date and get off the phone.

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